“As a Japanese tradition…. I offered full bottle of sake to purify the spirit in the room and bring good luck.”

Here comes the night! Here comes the night! Everyone is having a good time. Cool breeze of music will put you in a dream world. 夜が来た来たみんな楽しいね...
– Ernest Takai, Founder of Noc Noc

Our Story

It all began in 1986 when Ernest Takai opened Noc Noc in the Lower Haight with only half the current space.

Founder Ernest Takai states: “We are the first place to play industrial, ambiant, dance, acid jazz in San Francisco next to The Quake radio station back in those days… ”

“At that time I was very proud and fortunate to have had an amazing skilled DJ at Noc Noc playing all kinds of rare music that you can enjoy and will never hear on the radio or any other place… I remember people didn’t like to hear our music back then. They thought it was strange. so I must play the new music for nocturnal people that they will love to listen to 15 years from now.”

“…and now everyone loves it!”

Ernest explains what Noc Noc means… “NOCTURNAL NOCTURNE….NOC NOC FOR THE NIGHT…. MUSIC FOR THE NIGHT PEOPLE… NOC NOC was the most important project I did in MY LIFE.”

On a side note Ernest also created numerous other projects and also started a Noc Noc in Los Angeles for a private owner which is no longer open.

Noc Noc in Los Angeles


(photos on this page courtesy of Ernest Takai)